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Silver Lab

Our sweet boy Ute is almost 6 years old. We have always had dogs but he is truly the best dog we have ever owned. Ute is the gentlest dog with our three kids 4 and under. He lets them climb all over him, loves to snuggle, and paces the backyard when they are outside playing to make sure they are safe. Pidge is an amazing breeder. She loves her dogs and takes great care of them. We highly recommend Sterling Creek Labs and will never buy another labrador from anywhere else.

Rodee Family ~ Frisco, TX

Silver Lab
Silver Lab

We have an almost 13 year old silver from Sterling Creek Silver Labs. Pidge was knowledgeable about the breed and specialty colors when we got Juno and I've watched her continue to learn and improve her program through the years. Quality dogs are produced by breeders who are willing to put responsible practices and the animals first, the dogs produced at Sterling Creek Silver Labs represent just that.

Caitlin Fleckenstein ~ Vermont

Silver Lab

Our 15 year old Labrador had passed away and we were looking for another Labrador. We currently had a 1 year old Giant breed dog who was fear aggressive and deathly afraid of our son, who loves dogs. We were experienced Lab owners and knew this was the next dog for our family. Our son was 5 years old and diagnosed with ADHD, and therefore, we really were hoping for a laid back demeanor for our next dog. We, however, wanted a responsible dog breeder and a healthy puppy with good bloodlines.  In all honestly, we sort of “accidentally” stumbled upon Pidge when a family member who lives in Texas, was guiding us towards breeders (we live in Pennsylvania). So I emailed the wrong person! It was certainly meant to be. Pidge had a litter born that week and had one male left. We immediately placed a deposit for our next addition. Pidge kept in touch via email and social media. We loved the professional photos every week so we could see the growth in our new bundle of joy. 

      My husband and father flew to Oklahoma and drove back with our Levi, in September. They were providing me with updates along the way and neither of them could believe how calm this puppy was, especially in the car. Levi has been the very BEST Labrador puppy we have ever owned. He is tolerant of our son, so very calm, easy to train, and just a beautiful boy. Even my vet remarked that he would make the best therapy dog. 

     Levi has literally become the best friend to our son. Levi has attempted to ride the school bus with him, and waits for him patiently EVERY day at the end of the driveway—remarkable for a now 8 month old pup! The two of them are inseparable. 

     Two months later, my husband returned to Oklahoma, Sterling Creek Labradors, to bring back a female puppy for my father. This puppy was returned when the family was allergic. Stella is another gorgeous Labrador. We love watching the two of them grow up together. 

     We can honestly say, we will always purchase our Labrador puppies from Pidge. The experience has been so positive and rewarding. She is fair and honest. Her puppies are gorgeous and even tempered. 

We cannot thank her enough for allowing us to raise these two as beloved family members.

     Sincerely,  The Stahl Household ~ Bangor, PA

Champagne Lab
Champagne Labrador
Champagne Lab Puppy
White Lab Puppy

Bowden is a super sweet and very healthy puppy.  He has been easy to train and tries hard to please.  He loves everyone he meets except squirrels and geese.  He is also super sweet with my grandkids. I love my dog.  

Theresa ~ Corinth, TX

White Labrador
Charcoal Lab

In 2009 we purchased our Australian Shepherd, Rhett, from Pidge. We had the pleasure of having our sweet boy for 10 years. In 2019, several months after we lost Rhett, we filled our lives with love from another baby from Pidge. I had Aussies most of my life, but couldn’t resist going to Pidge, as she is such a responsible and loving breeder, and we were in love with Tackle Our Riley looks just like her Dad and we adore her! Sterling Creek Labs are the most beautiful Labs ever! Thanks Pidge

White Lab puppy

Pidge is one of the most knowledgeable breeders I have ever met. She truly cares about her puppies and does everything in her power to make sure they are healthy and going to a great home. The breeder support and mentoring I obtained when I purchased my white female from her is absolutely amazing and invaluable. I have yet to encounter an issue that she doesn’t have an answer for when it comes to breeding and whelping puppies.

Could not have wished for a better experience when adding a new family member to our home & have loved having a continued relationship with Sterling Creek since getting our Bogey 8 years ago

Charcoal Lab

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